Before starting the transfer process, it is very important to be well prepared. We will clarify for you the detailed requirements to obtaining residency in Andorra.

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Moving to another country involves a large number of administrative procedures. There are many steps that have to be completed for active residents, those who have a work permit in Andorra, as well as for passive residents

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The Banks in Andorran have particular requirements that often differ from conventional banking systems.

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Assistance in other matters

We are at your disposal to deal with any matters of importance to you. On arrival to Andorra, we can help you to find a vehicle or to re-register one, where you want to bring your own.

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If you decide to move to another country, we will manage the formalities and requirements to facilitate your smooth departure from Andorra.

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We want to help you

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any query you have.

When we decided to relocate to Andorra, we had very little knowledge of the area, the customs, the regulations, and no knowledge of Spanish or Catalan! RelocAnd (Marta and Silvia) were involved in our relocation process every step of the way including immigration; our Dalmatian dog; logistics for our possessions coming from outside Europe; purchasing of a car; finding a home and builders; doctors; dentists; restaurants – I could go on but the page would be filled.

These ladies are excellent.

In addition they went (and continue to go) above and beyond in assisting us with any issues that come up on a daily basis and ensuring our easy integration.

We would not hesitate to recommend RelocAnd to anybody moving to Andorra.

With much appreciation

Martin, Andy & Stripey
Businessman, Coming from outside Europe

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