RelocAND is an Andorran company specializing in relocation services, immigration and management of expatriates in Andorra.

We have a network of real estate contacts, moving companies, schools, and all kinds of services, which enable us to resolve your requirements quickly and easily.


We know that every family is unique, and so we offer a personalized service to each of our clients depending on their individual requirements, and will develop a bespoke package tailored for you. Our goal is to make life easier for you and each family will have access to a multilingual support person from the beginning of the process to the end.


We want this experience to be positive for you and for your family. We solve the red tape issues, so that you are free to focus on your work and on enjoying our country.


RelocAND will take care of the complications of moving location.. So you can just Relax and enjoy the experience of living in Andorra!


We give you all the information you need related to Andorra residency. Let us you know all you have to know to live in Andorra from regulations, rules , residences, contracts and  enjoy thebeenfits of this great country.