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Evaluation of your personal situation

A step-by-step guide to help you find your perfect location in Andorra.
Financial and legal jargon explained with detailed local information to help with every aspect of your relocation to Andorra.
Our services are flexible and tailored, to meet your needs and suit your budget.

Immigration and Residency Procedures

RelocAnd will provide you with comprehensive support and advice during all stages of your immigration to a new jurisdiction, physical relocation and changing tax domicile.

RelocAnd will assist their clients to achieve their relocation goals by taking into account the opportunities available to optimize their worldwide tax position, by changing tax domicile, residence and or citizenship.

In addition to being able to assist you with translation of documents into English, Spanish and Catalan, we are also able to provide you with all Sworn Translations you may require.

Banking and Tax Advice

Andorran banks have a high solvency ratio, well over legal requirements and excellent liquidity.

RelocAnd will connect you with local banks and multilingual account managers with international expertise.

They will work alongside your legal and tax advisors to provide the best advise according to your circumstances.

Finding your Home and the Place for your Business

Our corporate and relocation services are tailored to meet the needs of both corporate employees and private individuals, moving to Andorra. We bespoke our service to meet your individual’s home and business search criteria.

We will help make your next property move a success.

We are perfectly placed to assist with all your corporate or individual property needs.

We are independent from estate agents, and we cover all Andorran areas, exploring the whole property market for you.

We will work with you to assess your exact requirements and find the right properties for you, whatever your budget.

Benefits of our service include:

  • A personal tour of all the different locations in the country
  • The full reach and property portfolio of our Andorra wide network
  • Assistance with tenancy negotiations and contracts
  • Support throughout and beyond the entire letting or purchase process

Moving, Removal and Storage Services

We organize your entire moving operation with the most appropriate mover, and we supervise operations. Based on our experience, you will recommend the best professionals available to ensure a hassle-free move and your household goods will arrive safely and on time.

Setting up the House

We will assist you in resolving many of the day-to-day issues necessary to get your life i Andorra up and running smoothly.

Importing Vehicles or Buying a new one Andorran Driving License

As a rule, all residents can import cars and pay for the first just 4.5% import duty and taxes (for Hybrid cars the import tax can be as low as 1%). There is also import available for classic cars over 25 years old.

New residents can own Andorran registered vehicles. To drive legally you will require an Andorran driving license within 12 months of relocation. The procedure can be complicated dependent on country of origin. It may be possible to simply exchange your current driving license for an Andorran driving license dependent on country of origin which should be checked in each case.

Compulsory Insurance Policies (health, house and contents, car...)

Third-party liability insurance is generally required before you can rent a property. Household contents insurance is highly recommended. However, due to the safety aspects of Andorra alarms are rarely installed or required.

Health insurance is a legal requirement. 

Other typical insurance policies are car insurance, pet insurance, and domestic staff insurance.

Pet Relocation

Your pet is your best friend and a family member and moving your pet is an extremely important service, thousands of pet’s owners worldwide need to move their pets from one location to another for different reasons. That’s why it must be treated with the utmost care and love.

Andorra has probably one of the highest pet ownership per capita in the world. It is exceptionally pet friendly with many shops and vets.

Unfortunately, dealing with pet relocation is not as simple as a regular pack and move. It can have your stress levels soaring, consume an enormous amount of time and lead unexpected expenses.

RelocAnd will help your pet obtain its Andorran passport and will introduce you to all the necessary and required animal care providers.

School in Andorra

At RelocAnd, we know that choosing and applying for the right school in Andorra is a main issue for a family. We consider all the schools in Andorra.

Andorra has all School types – International / Spanish / French / Andorran

From now on there are two new International Schools, both are private:

  • Agora International School (Globeducate Group)
  • British College of Andorra

We are here to advise you, present you with the different options available and help you all along with the application process.

Family Support Services

At RelocAnd, we know that a Family Relocation can only be successful if your family is happily settled.

This is why RelocAnd offer a range of services aimed at facilitating the integration of your spouse and children in Andorra.

Supporting your family’s integration

  • Shopping advice
  • Loyalty card programs
  • Groceries and online deliveries
  • Health system
  • Beauty and hairdressing services
  • Gastronomic advice
  • Public transport and how to use it

Concierge Services

RelocAnd offers a personal concierge service, including but not limited to: *

  • Chauffeur or transport services
  • Hotel or restaurant reservations
  • Supervise building works at your home or office
  • Mail collection
  • Cleaning Services
  • Laundry service
  • Pre-arrival shopping
  • Etc, etc…

Cancellation of Residency – Departing Andorra

The following only applies, for the moment, to passive residents who have paid a bond to the Government upon initial application. Those on active residency have an easier task to cancel, simply because no refund is applicable.

Under the laws of Andorra upon departure you are required to cancel your residency and may apply for a return of the initial bond paid to the Government on application. The cancellation process is complicated but procedural for RelocAnd. Unfortunately, the bond is not refunded immediately, they will refund it to you upon surrender of the residency card.

Overall, cancellation can be a minefield, so please seek our advice first.

Documents that are required for cancellation are aimed at proving you are leaving no debts around the country before the file can go to Immigration and then on to the Ministry of Finance for a bond refund. This entails certificates of no debt from all the Parishes, Utility Companies, Numerous Government departments, CASS, the Courts, College of Lawyers, and other entities.